Saturday, February 9, 2008

These 3 little guys came in from a trade with the Cardboard Junkie. Ol Dayf wants Kearns on the Braves as much as we want him on the Reds. So what do we have today?

2007 Bowman Heritage
No. 137
A very nice card. Austin ready to slam one over Frenchy's head while Mulder shakes his head in disgust. The signature is a little larger than he normally signs. The old time photo look. Kind of like those memographs everyone smelled to get a slight buzz when you were handed a test in school.

Next we have
A 1999 Bowman Rookie! Austin in action! Ready to throw out the runner who dared try to go home in Rookie ball. The cannon unleashed like only Vlad can do.

And lastly
A 2004 Leaf Player's Collection Jersey. This is the one Jersey card I did not have from the set. I have the other parallels but never got this one. Talk about a sweet trade for some Braves scrubs.


Michael said...

I have an Austin Kearns autographed hat (never worn)obtained in person at a Nationals game last year. Wanna trade for it? Email me at or just leave a comment on my site http//

Brads55sRedsCards said...

Vladi is a bum! LOL