Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How many parallels can I post?

From 2004 Leaf Certified Materials we start out with a plain old base set card.

Silver. Shiny. Addictive.

I feel like a five year old counting bugs splatting on the windshield.
Just. Can't. Stop. Buying. Parallels.

The card that started it all:
2004 Leaf Certified Materials
No. 16 Austin Kearns

Mirror Black 1 / 1
Mirror Blue 10 / 50
Mirror Red 027 / 100

Mirror White 036 / 100
Mirror White Autograph 30 / 50

Mirror Gold Autograph 02 / 25

Mirror Blue Autograph 048 / 100

Mirror Red Autograph 013 / 200

Mirror Red Bat / Fabric 148 / 250

Mirror White Fabric 030 / 100

Mirror Red Fabric 051 / 150

Mirror Gold Fabric 14 / 25

Mirror Blue Fabric 060 / 100

Mirror White Bat 032 / 100

Mirror Red Bat 009 / 150

Mirror Gold Bat 12 / 25

And there you have it! And yet I do not have enough of these parallels. I feel the need to find the Mirror Gold base parallel and two Mirror Black Materials parallels. Talk about a lost cause 4 years after they come out. But I shall carry on with the same determination of a five year old on the way to Disney World counting bugs on the windshield. Just so Dad can travel in peace. For a while.


Brads55sRedsCards said...

Oh man, this just makes me want to break out my ultimate Kearns Parallel collection. Not nearly as impressive but is a nice runner up!

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