Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Boring 1 of 1

Yeah. I know. Ho Hum.


Here we have a
2007 Sweet Spot
Sweet Spot Signatures
Black Bat Gold Ink
1 of 1

This card thick enough to choke a 500 lb guy at a fair is all mine!
Look at that beauty!
Small portrait of Austin.
His awesome signature.
The script 1 of 1. Not just a regular stamp 1/1/
Black bats are AWESOME.
Gold Ink is classy.

Nice card Joe. Nice card.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How thin is too thin?

So I ask you -
How thin is too thin for a baseball card?

2002 Donruss Originals
Signature Marks
SM-48 043 / 200

This is a very nice card for me. I like the small use of photo. The large white space. Simple logo. Even the sticker is well placed. The back has a nice write up about our hero instead of just letting me know this is an authentic autograph.
But the card is a thin and bendable as a business card. Not a nice linen type one with raised letters but those 1,000 for $5.00 business cards. Why? Was money tight? Was this an early way to throw off pack searchers? Nice card. Just not nice stock.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back from the DL

After a long rehab my Kearns Kards
is back and ready to take the field.

There were times of wondering if this blog
would be able to swing some wood

2004 Leaf Limited
Auto / Bat
15 / 15

Put on the ol leather
2007 Sweet Spot
Leather / Silver Signature
07 / 25

Button up

2004 Leaf Limited
Button 1 / 6

the jersey
2003 Leaf Limited
Moniker Emerald
Auto / Jersey
3 / 5

and just look like the star it is

2004 Playoff Absolute
Tools of the Trade
Black Spectrum Signature
1 / 1

Looks like Kearns Kards is back!
May not post everyday but will aim for 2 a week.