Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Card. Little Photo

Kinda like fat guy in a little coat. This card is well.....big in blank spot.
1999 SP Prospects
Chirography Autograph Insert

AK - Austin Kearns
A teeny little photo. A teeny little logo. A medium size signature. Then a overly large white area. Sure it is a minor league issue, but why no thought into the design? Upper Deck sure did have some bad ideas for insert sets around the turn of the century. This is just a poor layout idea. Austin's name is a quarter the size of the name of the insert set. What team is he playing for? I see Reds. But what affiliate? What level?
The back is not much better. Same size photo and name. Huge white area. Blah.

But it is mine!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

White Sox trade for Kearns

Steve at White Sox Cards included these two gems in a recent trade.

2004 Donruss Studio This is a nice card. The skyline of Cincinnati always makes me happy when I drive through. It is a good looking city at night. The muti colors and the eclectic skyline. It's not bland like coming into Denver or Chicago. Can't wait for my first game at Great American Ballpark this summer.

2007 Bowman
This card is not a great card. Why am I looking at the back of Austin? Why are there empty seats? Why the large name area and small name. No mention of the Nationals. Small signature in a large signing area. Just a poorly laid out card. But it is mine!

So Famous she is IN-FAMOUS

Thank you Infamous Tatiana!

Last week I saw her pleading and groveling for new Derek Jeter and Hanley Ramirez cards. So I felt the need to be an enabler in this hobby of ours. I contacted her (so I thought) and proposed a trade (through Mario). Trade was accepted (with a Canseco thrown in). I got a few more cards than I thought I would. But this not an unhappy post. This is a post of rejoicing! Below is the part of the treasure trove of Reds and Austin Kearns cards I have received over the past three days.
Thursday brought me these from The Infamous (Mario) Tatiana:

2007 Goudey No. 131

2007 Bowman Chrome No. 43