Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Card. Little Photo

Kinda like fat guy in a little coat. This card is well.....big in blank spot.
1999 SP Prospects
Chirography Autograph Insert

AK - Austin Kearns
A teeny little photo. A teeny little logo. A medium size signature. Then a overly large white area. Sure it is a minor league issue, but why no thought into the design? Upper Deck sure did have some bad ideas for insert sets around the turn of the century. This is just a poor layout idea. Austin's name is a quarter the size of the name of the insert set. What team is he playing for? I see Reds. But what affiliate? What level?
The back is not much better. Same size photo and name. Huge white area. Blah.

But it is mine!

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Brads55sRedsCards said...

Sorry dude but I disagree. Although the layout might be a little plain for us now, it was an awesome insert set for its time. I know it sucks that Kearns didn't utilize the entire card for his sig, many other players did. Which made this set pretty cool I think! Aloha, Brad