Saturday, February 23, 2008

Junkie done got me high on Kearns

That Cardboard Junkie is doing his best to get me high on baseball cards.
I say bring it on, man! Bring it on! Cause only one thing can happen when I get to jonesing for more Kearns Cards. And nothing is gonna get in my way.

Card one from my pusherman

A brilliant 2005 Topps Heritage
No. 207

Good ol Kearnsy making the running catch to rob Chipper of a dying quail for a single.

Card two takes the form of:
2003 Fleer Box Score
No. 82

I never noticed how natural it was for Austin the round the spots section instead of the bases.

Card three is comin atcha
2004 Leaf Second Edition
No. 122

Austin holding up on a wayyy inside curve against the Phillies.

Card four makes me blue
2003 Topps
No. 70

Austin singling up the middle past some scrub on the Cubs.

Card five
2004 Fleer Tradition
No. 178

Look at Austin as he proves he is the best Right fielder in the National League by tracking down a Derrek Lee hit.

and finally,
A 2008 (Banned)
No. 169

Did some dude just ask Austin to write his digits on the ball or something? I have not seen a deer in the headlights look like that in a while. Since I hit a deer frozen by my headlights. Doing 80. In a semi. Found some fur in the grill but that was it.

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