Monday, March 24, 2008

Something I Found

I bought a ten $1 team bags in Reno on Saturday. They had the normal commons / 1 or 2 star mix. And then I saw this.

2002 Upper Deck 40 Man
This is the first time I have seen this card. And it is not too shabby. A decent photo of Austin. Interesting background. I liked doing this to my lawn back in Mississippi. It aggravated the poop out of the neighbors by showing them up. And I can hear Casey Kasem's voice announcing : And entering this weeks Top 40, the highest riser on the charts,. At number 28, Austin Kearns. The new kid drafted by his hometown Cincinnati Reds. This made me buy the whole team set of 2002 Upper Deck 40 Man. Not a bad looking set in my opinion.

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