Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Card 2


Today's card is 2003 Upper Deck National Pride.
Card NP-AK w/ game worn jersey swatch from Team USA.

This card is part of an insert set in 2003 Upper Deck. The front lacks imagination and is a little plain.
Red faded to White to Blue? …Check
Clip art eagle in background? …Check
Bad font for insert name? …Check
Mediocre photo of Austin? …Check
Photo of Austin in Team USA uni? …Nope
Large swatch of jersey? …Check
Only difference between front and back is no jersey? …Check

Upper Deck really dropped the ball on this one. It looks like they gave it to a first week community college graphics student to design. I should know. I was one once.

What did Upper Deck mean when they say on back "We hope you enjoy this piece of baseball history as we at The Upper Deck Company continue to keep you as close as you can get."? They mention only that Austin was on Team USA. Nothing about when or what happened. No photo of him on Team USA. No Team USA stats. How is this getting me closer to the game?
And these guys were licensed by USA Basball to make this set. Couldn't find and intern to find some facts or photos?
I am not looking for full bio and careere stats. How about a Austin hit Game Winning Homer against Finland on 00 / 00 / 00.
Overall the design of the card is a diappointment but I am glad to have a peice of Team USA jersey on a card.

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