Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Card 1

Let's start off with a card I enjoy.
2003 Topps Autograph TA-AK
I am not sure if this is the 1st Series or 2nd Series auto card. But who cares? This card has greatness all over it.

Cool looking faded background? …Check
Silver Foil printing? …Check
On Card Auto? …Check
Clear, Crisp Auto? …Check
Classic pose? …Check
Goofy "I'm on a card and you're not" grin? …Check
Santa Claus stuffed pants on? …Check
Sunglasses on the wrong side of the hat brim? …Check
Hot dog neck rolls? …Check
Neil Chrisley 1958 Topps ears? …Check
Absoulutly nothing of intrest on the back? …Check

This card epitimizes what makes collecting Austin Kearns fun. He seems like a guy you would belly up to the bar with and debate if Tito Ortiz really was cheated in his first fight with Chuck Liddell. The answer is no, but he would say yes just to agravate you and flash that I'm on a card and you're not grin. And that's why I like the guy. He's my buddy Johnny. Only a pro ball player. How can you root against this card? Unless you're a Braves fan.

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